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The following FAQ has been created to further assist you as a reference and does not take the place of the official Northrock Owner's Manual and/or component provider's instructions.

How do I sign-up to receive Northrock expertise and promotional emails?

Signing-up to receive e-mails and tips from Northrock couldn't be easier. Click here to sign-up.

Can I download a Northrock Owner's Manual?

Yes! Click here to download.

Can I register my bike online?

Yes! Click here for online registration.

How do I determine the correct bike size for me?

Determining the correct bike fit or size is important for your comfort and safety while riding. We suggest you refer to the Northrock Owner's Manual, Section 1.A Bike Fit. As a guide, Northrock has also provided a "Fits Most Riders" label on the bike frame. You can also find out more about proper bike fit by clicking here.

In addition, following is a helpful chart guide:
NOTE: This is a guide, and not intended to replace the Owner's Manual section for Bike Fit. It is recommended that consult a bicycle specialist for additional guidance.

Model Frame Size Fits Most Riders
XC6 18" 5'7" - 5'11"
19.5" 5'11" - 6'2"
XC29 17.5" 5'8" - 6'2"
SC7 17" 5'5" - 5'9"
19" 5'9" - 6'1"
CL5 14.9" 5'1" - 5'4"
16" 5'4" - 5'8"
OCW 17" 5'5" - 5'9"
OCM 18" 5'7" - 5'11"
URB 17" 5'5" - 5'9"
19" 5'9" - 6'1"

How do I assemble my bicycle?

All Northrock bikes come with a Quick Assembly Guide specific to your model. It is recommended that you read through the Quick Assembly Guide and Owner's Manual prior to assembling you bicycle. You can also click on your bicycle model from the following list to view more information on assembly.
Models: (XC6, XC29, SC7, CL5, URB, OCW - OCM)

For more assembly information on the CTM and CTL, click on the CL5 or SC7; both are a threaded stem with linear brakes. For more assembly instructions on the CT3, click on the URB video, which is a threadless stem with linear brakes.

How do I perform a First Ride Check?

Before you take your First Ride, it is recommended that you read through the Owner's Manual to familiarize yourself with the workings of your Northrock Bike. For more information on performing a First Ride Check on a bicycle with a threaded stem with linear brakes (Models: SC7, CL5, CTM, and CTL), click here. For First Ride Check information on bikes with a threadless stem and disc brakes (Model: XC6), click here. For road bike (Model: SCR1) click here.

What is the correct air pressure for my tires?

Maintaining the correct air pressure in your tires is important to maintaining the integrity of the tire itself. Size and pressure ratings are marked on the side wall of the tire. Refer to your Northrock Owner's Manual section 4.H Tires and Tubes for additional information. At Northrock, we recommend you use a bicycle pump with a built-in pressure gauge; air pressure pumps that are not made for bicycle tires could cause damage to the tire.

How do I shift?

At Northrock we use a variety of shifters: rapid fire, grip shifters and STI SHIMANO Total Integrated shifters (SCR1). For additional information on shifters or to view instructional videos on how to shift properly, click the applicable model below for your shifter type.
Grip Shifters (Models: CTM, CTL, SC7, CL5)
Rapid Fire Shifters (Models: XC6, URB, CT3)
STI Shifters (Model: SCR1)

How do I adjust my stem?

There are different types of stems: threaded quill, threadless adjustable and threadless. To adjust a threaded quill stem (Models: SC7, CL5, CTM, CTL), click here and download "How to adjust your quill stem". click here to visit Shop Talk for more information and instructions on adjusting bicycle stems. (Models: SC7, CL5, CTM, CTL)
Threadless stems, like on the XC6 and SCR1, are not designed to be adjusted. In the event that you desire a more upright riding position, you can consult a bicycle specialist who can recommend an adaptor. The XC6 uses a 1-1/8" size.

How do I adjust my derailleur?

In many cases, derailleurs can be adjusted by simply using the barrel adjuster on the rear derailleur. Adjustments to the front derailleur can be made by rotating the barrel adjuster on the left shifter. For more information on derailleur adjustments click here.
If you feel your bike needs a derailleur adjustment, we suggest that you view and try a basic derailleur adjustment first; however, if needed, you can click here to view our video on Advanced Derailleur adjustments.
For additional assistance, we suggest that you consult a bicycle specialist for fine tuning. All Northrock bicycles use recognizable, quality components that all bicycle specialists are familiar with. Click here for component information.

How do I adjust my brakes?

**Brakes are an important function of the bicycle – it is recommended that you seek a bicycle specialist for final assembly and safety check**

There are two basic types of brake styles disc brakes (XC6) and linear brakes (CL5, SC7, URB, CTM, CTL and CT3). For additional information on how to maximize the performance of your brakes, you can download the manufacturer's manual. Click on your bike model to download the applicable manual: (Model: XC6), (Models: SC7, CL5, URB, CTM, CTL and CT3).

For more information on making basic brake adjustments you can also visit Shop Talk. For more information on Disc Brake – Basic Adjustment click here, (Model: XC6 ). For more information on Linear Brake – Basic Adjustment (Model: SC7, CL5, URB, CTM, CTL and CT3) Click here.

How do I clean and maintain my bike?

At Northrock, we recommend that you clean and maintain your bicycle regularly to ensure maximum performance with each ride. To learn more about cleaning and maintaining your bicycle, check out the owner's manual.

How can I get more information on my suspension?

For more information on your suspension, we recommend that you refer to the component manufacturers’ specifications.  Click on your bicycle model to read more, (Models: XC6, *SC7, *CL5). 
*See Sofi T Series on chart.

How can I get more information on Northrock's component partners?

At Northrock bicycles, we hand select components from a variety of widely recognized premium component providers to ensure that our bikes are in fact 'Built to be better'. To learn more about our component partners, Click here.

How do I remove play or movement from a headset?

For more information on how to remove play from your headset, visit Shop Talk as a guide. Click here.

Is my bicycle frame equipped with mounts for a rack or child seat?

Yes! All Northrock bicycle models are equipped with standard mounts integrated into the frame. As a tip, be sure to do your research with accessory providers. And keep in mind if you decide to use a rear rack on the XC6, you will need a rack that clears the disc brake. For additional details you can click here.

How can I transport my bicycle? How do I decide which bike rack is right for me?

Transporting your bicycle can open up a world of biking opportunities and therefore many riders decide to take their bicycles on the road. Transporting your bicycle safely and effectively is all about choosing a bike rack that is right for you!  To learn more about transporting your bicycle and help with deciding which bike rack is best for you click here.

How do I remove my front bicycle wheel?

Sometimes it is necessary to remove the front wheel of your bicycle, especially if you are transporting your bicycle. For more information and for step by step instructions on removing a front bicycle wheel from a bicycle with linear brakes, click here. If you do remove the front wheel from your bicycle, remember that it is important to reinstall the wheel correctly as well as perform a safety check to make sure your quick release is properly secured and that your brakes are functioning prior to riding your bicycle.  At Northrock bicycles, we recommend that you go through a Pre-Ride Routine and safety check before each ride, click here.

How do I clean and maintain my bike?

At Northrock, we recommend that you clean and maintain your bicycle regularly to ensure maximum performance with each ride. To learn more about cleaning and maintaining your bicycle, check out the owner's manual. Or click here to view our video on Cleaning Your Bike.